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ANT (A Native Translation) is a premier global prestige translation company, specializing in translating business and commercial communication in more than 30 languages. With a unique insight into the most challenging perspectives of multi-lingual business interaction, ANT is the company of choice for individuals, corporations and governments looking to operate and flourish beyond local geographic borders.

Today's competitive business world, together with the boosting needs of the global market, demand closer alignment with perfectionism, quality and most of all - the ability to communicate. Identifying this process, ANT has developed an exclusive portfolio of translation solutions that revolutionizes the way companies do business.

As the service of choice for modern communication in our global village, ANT doesn't just match words, but builds relationships. Using native accurate translations, we enable individuals from different parts of the world to understand and communicate with each other, reducing cultural linguistic and geographical boundaries.

Our professional success derives from a highly skilled and talented network of translators, with vast expertise and undisputed integrity. Based in Singapore, we provide the world a unique gateway to Asia Pacific for more than 18 years. Our outstanding translation services offer fresh opportunities to open minded people all over the world, delivering unprecedented levels of customer satisfaction.

Contact us now, or send us your translation project's brief and we will reply as soon as possible. Thank you for considering ANT's translation services!

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    Professional business translation services in more than 30 languages, across more than 30 industries and markets.
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    Highly experienced and trained translators specializing in medical, legal, financial, governmental, industrial, technical and scientific translations.
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    Accurate, reliable translations with amazing turnaround at highly affordable prices. Based in Singapore, we are your exclusive gateway to Asia Pacific.